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Organize Employee Events Using Imprinted Housewares with Logo

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Employee events offer the perfect opportunity to recognize and honor the best employees of the company. By recognizing them, you are encouraging them to take their performance to the next level as well as motivate other employees. They also offer an opportunity for senior managers to be face-to-face and interact with the employees.

As mentioned, employee events serve as a venue for workers to have a break from the routine of everyday work. Employees can either participate in different activities or just have a casual conversation with the other employees. As a result, it will male employees energetic and return to work with more vigor and a positive frame of mind.

Now that you know the importance of organizing employee events, it is important to have one at least once or twice a year. You can have your HR Department organize the events or outsource it to an established events management company. If you choose to do it yourself, you can start by using promotional products like imprinted housewares. Here are the steps for organizing employee events using imprinted housewares with logo.


Whether you are planning a big launch of kitchen tools with logo or other events you are planning to organize, setting a theme sets the tone of the event and will serve as your starting point for the other details for the launching of imprinted kitchen tools such as the food, music, decorations, to name just a few. Just make sure that the theme is appropriate to the type of audience you are targeting.


How much are you planning to spend on food? Will you have entertainment? Are you sending out invitations? Are you planning to give out imprinted picture frames as a giveaway? Setting a budget for picture frames with logo and other stuff is important when organizing an event.


You need to meet with events venue owners to iron out details. For instance, some require that you get the food from them specially if they also offer catering services. You also need to find out if the venue will be the one to decorate the room or you have to do it yourself. Aside from that, you may also have to meet with potential caterers for food tasting and determining of prices.

Once you have decided on a caterer, determine how the food will be served. Will it be buffet, sit-down, or plated meal? Are you serving appetizers in advance or planning a dessert bar later in the evening? The important thing is to ensure that the guests will not be hungry at any point.

For the giveaways, you should also scout for potential suppliers of tool kits with logo that you are giving away. If you are planning to give imprinted tool kits as souvenir, make sure that no employee will be left out. Otherwise, you defeat the purpose of the event.


Organizing a corporate event on your own can be daunting. At first, you might think that it is easy but as you start planning you will realize that it is more difficult than expected. Somewhere along the planning, you will need help. Consider getting the help of some of your trusted co-workers to help in the organization and execution of your event.


All your planning will go for naught if no one will attend the event. This is where publicity will help. Send some creative newsletters to your co-workers and clients to ensure they will attend. If your event is open to the public, you can reach out to them via social media. If you have giveaways like imprinted flashlights, you can post it through social network or emails to co-workers. Seeing flashlights with logo and other items will entice them to attend your event.


Expect the day of the event to be very hectic for you. You and your team will do everything to ensure that the event goes on smoothly. Problems will come along the way so it is important to stay positive. It will inspire and motivate your team to do their best during the event.


After the event, make sure to strengthen connections between the company and your guests or other employees. You can say a simple “thank you” or send giveaway items such as fly swatters with logo. When they receive imprinted fly swatters from you, they will be excited for upcoming activities from your company.

Here are some suggested giveaway ideas for the corporate event you are organizing:

Napkins. Imprinted napkins are the perfect centerpiece to any party. Napkins with logo are perfect takeaways after the event.

Buckets. This is the perfect giveaway for beach-themed corporate events. Buckets with logo are great for team building activities. Imprinted buckets can be excellent for organizing office stuff.

Stadium Cups. This drinkware item is handy as a giveaway for motivating employees. Imprinted stadium cups can also be handy for traveling. Stadium cups with logo are great as a Holiday giveaway.

Thermometer. For health and medical related company events, thermometers with logo are the perfect freebies. Imprinted thermometers can remind the recipient of the importance of staying healthy.

Holding employee events need not be expensive. You can use promotional products like imprinted thongs to get started. Thongs with logo can help achieve the goal you want to achieve from corporate events.

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