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Launch A Fundraising Campaign For Non-Profit With Imprinted Drinkware with Logo

Posted by QualityImprint Admin on

Creating an impression on potential customers need not involve money all the time. Nowadays, many companies integrate corporate social responsibility into their marketing strategy. Supporting a not-for-profit organization is an effective tool for getting potential customers outside of the traditional mediums. A research by Double the Donations revealed that companies spent $17.8 billion on charities in 2016. Likewise, 55% of consumers are willing to pay more for products from socially responsible companies.

Supporting a non-profit organization can offer a wide range of benefits for your business. Aside from generating funds for your chosen cause or charity, you will also be able to get your name and message out in front of more people through promotional products. Giving drinkwares with logo can help people remember you for their next event. Here are some benefits that you can from sponsoring not-for-profits through imprinted drinkware with logo.


Showing support for a non-profit organization or cause can help boost your public image. Customers will perceive your business as more philanthropic than companies without any corporate social responsibility. When customers see that you are giving out imprinted ceramic mugs, they will feel good doing business with you. Supporting causes by handing out ceramic mugs with logo can greatly boost your public image.


Your support for charity will not matter if no one will know about it. Build relationships with local media outlets so that they will cover the events you are organizing. You can hand out mugs with logo to start relationship building with the media. Your act of giving imprinted mugs will be positively received by the media personality.


Your employees will be more engaged with the company because of your good public image. By demonstrating your support for the community or causes through giving imprinted cups, your employees will be more inspired to work.  Donating cups with logo to worthy causes can lead to more productive and creative workers.


Your investors would want to make sure that the money they are pouring in is being used properly. By donating tumblers with logo, you are showing your investors that you do not just care about the profits but show interest in the local community. Your act of giving imprinted tumblers can help retain and attract investors.


Companies that give out imprinted glasses are likely to get more funding. Not only will investors chip in but also employees and even friends. They will be more willing to provide you with more funds for glasses with logo.


Your social responsibility may lead to new partnerships with a company that would also want to be part of your mission of donating water bottles with logo. By partnering with local companies, the name of the non-profit organization will have their name on imprinted water bottles giving them instant promotion.


Non-profit organizations cannot rely solely on individual donations for support. Companies with strong social corporate responsibility donate items like imprinted travel mugs which can generate additional revenue for the non-profit organization. Charities or causes are often the recipients of travel mugs with logo which can provide them with financial support.


Organizations that are involved in giving donations like playing cards with logo are more likely to give employees a positive workplace. This will help make the employee more engaged and productive. When employees know that their company is active in giving imprinted playing cards to charity, it will make the work more enjoyable and meaningful.


When companies implement a culture of corporate social responsibility, employees will be more inclined to volunteer and encourage them to donate cash or items like imprinted lighters. By contributing their time and money to charity and worthy causes, employees develop professionally and personally. By donating lighters with logo to those who are in need and volunteer as a team, it will translate to cooperation and camaraderie when working on important projects.

At the same time, it will give employees a sense of pride knowing that they are working for a company that cares about their community which encourages them to have the passion for worthy causes.

As you can see, creating an impression and attracting potential customers need not be costly. By doing something special for your community or a cause and giving out promotional products like balloons with logo, you are already creating a good impression of your business. The imprinted balloons you gave out will remind recipients of your good deed and will have your business in their mind.

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