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Boost Employee Motivation Using Imprinted Computer Accessories with Logo

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Management has the dilemma of trying to keep their employees always motivated. Organizations need to keep their workers ready to go the extra mile in the performance of their work. It used to be that management dangled monetary incentives like bonuses and commissions. However, this is not the way to go when motivating employees. A recent survey conducted by TINY Pulse and involved more than 200,000 employees in over 500 organizations entitled The 7 Key Trends Impacting Today’s Workplace revealed that money was only 7th in the list of employee motivators. The study revealed the following results:

  • Camaraderie, peer motivation (20%)
  • Intrinsic desire to do a good job (17%)
  • Feeling encouraged and recognized (13%)
  • Having a real impact (10%)
  • Growing professionally (8%)
  • Meeting client/customer needs (8%)
  • Money and benefits (7%)
  • Positive superior/senior management (4%)
  • Believe in the company/product (4%)
  • Others (9%)

As you can see, motivating employees is not all about just the money. The truth of the matter is that you do not have spend a fortune for employee motivation. Promotional products like computer accessories with logo. Here are some tips on motivating your employees using imprinted computer accessories with logo.


All employees should know that their hard work will be rewarded accordingly. It should be inculcated in the policy of management that incentives like imprinted flashdrives can motivate employees to prove their worth. Receiving flash drives with logo can help increase productivity.


Rewards like mouse pads with logo can help motivate the team to put additional effort to ensure success of the company. Giving a reward is a sign of a manager’s respect for their employees and encourage fellow employees to respect others. Rewards like imprinted mousepads help employees see the company’s mission as their own.


When the employee is regularly rewarded with imprinted computer mouse, they are often more motivated to remain with the company. Losing employees and training new ones can prove costly to your organization. Offering rewards like computer mouse with logo decreases the chance that an employee will leave the company.


While managers can remind and encourage their employees to work harder and better from time to time, rewards like USB hubs with logo can make a difference in self-motivation. The most effective reward should be tailored according to the employee’s needs. When giving out imprinted USB hubs, you should think of your employee’s needs.

Here are some tips for keeping your employees motivated.

Your arrival at work sets the tone for the day. If you arrive in the office grumpy and looking stressed out, how do you think it will affect the motivation of your team? Your arrival at work will dictate the mood in the office and how they will stay motivated. So start the day right and smile. Let your team members know that it will be a great day.

Use simple, powerful words to motivate employees. Never underestimate the power of positive words and appreciation in motivating your employees. Reward them with imprinted microfiber cloths to show your team that you value their efforts. Say please or thank you. By giving microfiber cloths with logo from time to time, your team members will see how you value them.

Make sure people know what you expect.  Most managers often make the mistake of not giving their employees a clear expectation. Do not always assume that you have clearly stated your work objective and that they need numbers and reports at the end of the day. There are times when requirements about headphones with logo will change in the middle of the day, job, or project but make sure that you communicate it with your team. The staff members will think that you do not know what you are doing about imprinted headphones. This can be less motivating for them.

Provide regular feedback for employee motivation. Employees would want to know how they are doing at work. Let us say that you have assigned them to a project involving imprinted speakers, they would want to know how they did. If they did not do well on the project about speakers with logo, they need to know so they could get a positive outcome the next time.

People need positive and not so positive consequences.  Aside from giving them regular feedback, employees also want to be rewarded with cooler bags with logo for their positive contributions. You can give them a personally written thank you card and a small gift like imprinted cooler bags for their positive work.

Employees need a fair and consistent progressive disciplinary system. When employees fail to perform effectively, they need a fair and consistent disciplinary system. Nothing will hurt positive motivation and morale than unaddressed problems or inconsistencies in addressing them. Supervisory discretion can help your employees stay motivated.

Motivating employees takes discipline. As a manager, you should know how to motivate your employees. When you give out imprinted cowbells, you should do it on a consistent basis. Consistency in motivating your team is the key to your success. Aside from giving cowbells with logo, you can try out other ideas for keeping your team motivated.

Using promotional products like shot glasses with logo can be an effective tactic in motivating your employees. When they receive imprinted shot glasses, employees will feel valued by the company.  

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