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Trick or Treat! What’s Hot For Your Halloween Promotion

Posted by Juliana Grace on

Written by: Judith Cayabyab

Cobwebs.  Pumpkins and jack o’ lanterns.  Costume parties.  Candies and treats.  Horror movies and haunted houses.  Feel it.  Smell it.  See it!  Halloween is indeed just around the corner! 

The name “Halloween” is derived from “all-hallow-even”, or All Hallows Eve, the evening before All Hallows Day or All Saints Day.  The celebration of Halloween can be traced back to Northern Europe as a pagan festival and brought to North America by immigrants.  It is believed that Halloween is the time when spirits have access to the world of the living, and can bring harm to humans and their produce.  To ward these spirits off, people carve out scary faces out of vegetables, such as pumpkins, or offer sweets to appease them.  Halloween is also considered as a time when magic is most potent.  Religious celebration of Halloween includes remembering the dead by offering prayers, flowers, and food.  Some also observe abstinence from meat, hence the popularity of vegetarian food such as candy apples and pumpkin pies.  Because Halloween is associated with spirits, magic, and the dead, costumes include wizards and witches, fairies and other magical beings, zombies, and ghosts.  At present, popular fictional and real life characters were added to the costume line, so we see Superman, Batman, and other superheroes; princes and princesses, celebrities, and even the President himself!

 Halloween is celebrated every 31st of October or the weekend before or after that date.  Among the highlights of Halloween celebration are kids playing “trick or treat”, costume parties, horror movies, places decorated with scary or spooky stuff like carved pumpkins and cobwebs, and attractions such as haunted houses and graveyards.  Some organizations, such as UNICEF, adopt the game of trick or treat to ask for money instead of sweets to raise funds for its campaign to help children in need.  Community events are also held in time for Halloween, either for fun or for a cause.

The parties and events held during Halloween provide excellent opportunities to bring your brand to the spotlight and reach a wider audience since people of all ages come to event venues to join the festivities.  However, with the large number of promotional items available in the market, choosing the right product to carry your logo can be quite tricky.  What’s hot for Halloween?  Let’s find out!      

PersonalizedWhere kids are out and about, candies are nearby!  Imprinted California lollipops are perfect as party favors and make sweet gifts for trick-or-treating kids and kids-at-heart.  These lollipops are inexpensive and come in lots of different flavors and colors - you’ll never run out of treats for your Halloween event!  These tasty treats are sure to get the attention you’re rooting for, and will keep them coming back for more.  Just make sure you have a lot in stock, because these lollipops are simply too good not to share!

PersonalizedMake it even better with a logoed bag like the Poly Pro cinch gift bag kids can carry around while going from one home to another!  Hosting a Halloween party or event?  Hand out this logoed cinch as a loot bag filled with treats or other smaller promotional merchandise from your company!  Or, use them to carry an appreciation gift for fundraising donors for your cause.

So, you’ve decided to be part of a community event or launch a Halloween-themed marketing campaign?  Let your staff be identified with a custom t-shirt, like a promotional Hanes Beefy -Tee!  It’s made of 100% cotton to keep your group comfortable and looking good – event participants would love to have one of their own as well.  You can even make these t-shirts available as a fundraiser item, or give them away upon registration to your event. 

PersonalizedBut remember, if there’s anyone who enjoys Halloween more than everyone else, it’s the kids!  You can help them have an even better Halloween by providing promotional apparel they’re sure to love!  Imprinted tees like the Fruit of the Loom Youth 5 oz. 100% Heavy Cotton HD t-shirt offer a change of clothes from Halloween costumes so kids and teens can enjoy the party even more.  These t-shirts are also comfortable and never out of style that they can be worn on casual days, thus increasing exposure for your brand even when it’s not Halloween.  Wearing a t-shirt from a memorable event can bring back the good times to mind, right?

PersonalizedBecause kids love to look hip and trendy too, custom UV400 Kids Classic Neon sunglasses are sure to be a hit for Halloween!    These sunglasses not only protect their eyes from the sun’s glare while enjoying all the outdoor festivities; they come in cool, fun colors that can give them extra points for cuteness!  That means bonus marks for your brand promotion as well!  These sunglasses are also quite useful, kids will use them again, which means your brand gets to make lots of marketing exposure even after Halloween, maybe longer after your event! 

 So, are you ready for your Halloween event?  Roll up your sleeves and put up those decorations.  Look for the best pumpkin and carve out the spookiest face you can imagine.  Raid your costume closet for the scariest ensemble you can put together.  Don’t worry about your promotional needs – all you have to do is give QualityImprint a call, let us know what you want, and we will do the rest for you.  Easy, right? 

 Trick or treat!


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