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Promotional Product Ideas for TV, Movies, and Music Companies

Posted by Juliana Grace on

Television, movies, and music can provide people with a form of entertainment. But the industry is a competitive one so you need to grab the attention of potential customers. Fortunately, you can bank on the help of promotional items to help advertise your business to your target market. Here are 5 promotional items that the entertainment industry can use for their promotions effort.

Promotional Headphones

Listening to music is an excellent form of stress relief. With promotional headphones, you can groove to your favorite music wherever whenever you feel like. Whether you are in the office, working out, or stuck in traffic, headphones will keep you company. They have a wide imprint area perfect for adding your company logo or corporate name. So whenever customers are using them, your brand gets promoted. These items make an excellent giveaway during corporate events, tradeshows, or as an employee gift.

Custom Sticky Notes

Working in the television industry can be real challenging. It entails a lot of brainstorming and planning sessions. It will be difficult to keep up in such a hectic schedule. Custom sticky notes can help you stay organized and keep up with your schedule. These items are used in the school and office so adding your logo will give your brand instant promotions.

Promotional Pencils

In this technological age, promotional pencils can still come in handy. You can use them to jot down brainstorming notes made by your editor or producer. Pencils are available in different sizes so you can choose the right one for your need. Pencils are excellent giveaway items during school openings, job fairs, or corporate events. You can capitalize on the wide imprint area for adding your company name or logo to give your company instant exposure to target customers.

Promotional Clipboards                     

Clipboards can help keep important documents together. They are also portable so you can browse on notes and reminders while you are on the road. Promotional clipboards have a wide imprint area where you can add your logo or company name on. This means that whenever your customers are using them, your brand gets easily promoted.

Imprinted Backpacks

Workers in the entertainment industry may be on the road all the time. Imprinted backpacks are the perfect choice for those who will be on the road all the time. Backpacks can carry your personal stuff if you will be out for a day or two. They have enough space for adding your company logo or brand name hence giving your business continuous promotions.

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