Promotional Product Ideas for Builders and General Contractors
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Promotional Product Ideas for Builders and General Contractors

Posted by Juliana Grace on

The building and general contracting industry is a tough sector. Unless you promote your business, it will be hard for you to get the attention of your customers. Luckily, you can rely on the help of promotional items to help in the promotion of your business. Here are 5 promotional products that can help beef up your promotions.

Promotional Tape Measures

Contractors may need to modify their plans to adjust to what their customers require. For those adjustments, promotional tape measures can come in handy. These items can be easily carried around as they fit in your pocket or placed on your belt. They make an excellent giveaway to hardware stores or building supplies store. Whenever customers are using them, you can count on getting instant publicity for your business.

Promotional Keychains

We all have the tendency to lose or misplace our keys. We only realize it when we need them already. To keep ourselves from losing or misplacing keys, promotional keychains is what you need. These items help organize our keys so they stay in one place. Promotional keychains have a wide imprint area for adding your company name or logo.

Imprinted Messenger Bags

Imprinted messenger bags have enough space for your documents and items such as laptops. They have a strap that can make carrying it around easy and convenient. These items provide a wide imprint area for adding your company name or logo. Messenger bags will keep your logo visible to potential customers. These items make an excellent giveaway during corporate events, tradeshows, or as an employee gift.

Promotional Calendars

Promotional calendars can be helpful in scheduling your meetings or client appointments. They will be placed in conspicuous places such as in the wall, desk, or door thus making your logo or company name visible to everyone who will see it. They are excellent as a corporate giveaway, tradeshow freebie, or employee gift. They can give your brand continuous promotions whenever the customer is using it.

Printed Stylus Pens

Printed stylus pens can make using your gadgets easy. You can rest your fingers from touching the virtual keyboard. These items can be easily carried around in your bag or pocket so you can use them anytime. Stylus pens have a wide imprint area for adding your company name or logo. They will give your company instant promotion whenever customers use them. They are excellent as a corporate giveaway or as an employee gift.

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