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Promotional Product Ideas for Air Transport Companies

Posted by Juliana Grace on

Millions of people prefer airplanes as their means of transportation. For this reason, it is important for airline companies to become popular to potential passengers. There are many promotional items to choose from for your marketing efforts. Here are 5 promotional product ideas that you can consider for promoting your company.

Logo First Aid Kits

When traveling to a new territory, it is important to be ready for any emergencies. This is where logo first aid kits will come in handy. Accidents can happen any time so you need to be ready. Promotional first aid kits will bear your logo or company name so customers will remember you whenever they use your promotional item.

Promotional Duffel Bags

Airline companies always encourage their passengers to travel light. Promotional duffel bags can satisfy this requirement. Duffel bags are good enough for two to three days travel. Wherever the customer goes with the duffel bag, your company name goes with them. With its wide imprint area, you can add your company name or logo on the bag. These promotional items also makes an excellent corporate giveaway, tradeshow freebie, or employee gift. They come in different colors so you can choose the right one for your need.

Water Bottles with Logo

Some passengers prefer the outdoors when traveling to another country. This could drain the fluids in your body. Keep yourself hydrated for those outdoor trips with water bottles with logo. They are made from durable material so you can use these water bottles for as many trips possible. Promotional water bottles makes an excellent giveaway during corporate events, tradeshows, or as an employee gift.

Promotional Car Emergency Kits

If you decide to bring a car to your trip, promotional car emergency kits will come in handy. You do not want your trip to be spoiled because your car broke down. Car emergency kits are portable so you can handle any car-related emergencies whenever wherever it finds you. They have a wide imprint area for adding your company name or logo. Your brand will remain prominent whenever customers are using them.

Promotional Jackets

Promotional jackets will come in handy during extreme weather conditions. The weather in the country you are traveling may be different from the weather in your country so it pays to be ready. Jackets have a wide imprint area so your company name and logo will remain prominent to your target customers. Whenever customers use promotional jackets, your brand gets promoted.

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