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Office Products Customized with your Company Logo

Posted by Juliana Grace on

To be able to establish a good branding of your company, you must practice to execute plans each day and embrace new business trends to get more positive feedback from clients and to attract more positive customers in the coming days.

Are you aware of imprinted office products where clients, partners and employees can use every time they are in your office is also considered as branding?

Here below are some of the office products that can be customized with your company logo.

Travel Tumbler

A classy and very presentable when place over a working desk, ceramic travel promotional tumblers leave no unpleasant smell compared to plastic and rubber tumbler when you forgot to clean it. It is more ideal to avail of ceramic travel tumbler color white and black to maintain the professionalism in company branding.

Eco-inspired Notebook with pen

For taking down important notes and simple reminders in terms of the upcoming meetings for the week, custom printed notebooks are made up from recycled papers with measurements: 4.75 weight and 5.5 in height; so easy and very handy to use wherever you go, perfect to bring during outdoor meetings with clients.

Full Size Desk Planner

Though technology impact brings us greater impact, there are still busy employees who still prefer to have imprinted office products like this full size logo printed planners to keep themselves updated with their tasks and never overlook a project.

Fabric Surface Mousepad

For continuous work without getting yourself stressed by using a low-quality custom mousepads, the fabric surface mouse pad features anti-microbial and heavy duty open cell natural rubber to provide you hassle-free experience

USB Bracelet

For employees who always forgot where they last placed their USB (Universal Serial Bus) or also known as logo flashdrives, this is perfect for company branding where people have zero chance to lose their USB with important files on it. One of the coolest imprint office products you can have, this kind of USB is made of silicone.

Elegant Business Card Case

To keep your business cards dry during rainy season, this elegant personalized business card holders is durable made of metal keeping your cards safe and dry.


Custom jackets are very common in every corporate office; to provide a company imprinted with logo because it’s normal to feel cold during office hours due to the inverted and well-maintained air-conditioner. This is also helps the employee to prevent any sickness such as: cough and cold.

Hawthrone Award-Starfire shape

Don’t blend with ordinary awards, medals your company is made to stand-out among the rest, make use of the Hawthrone Promotional Award; an extra-ordinary star fire shape with exact measurements: 4 inches (weight) and 7 inches (height).

Bass Headphones

Why do you have to purchase headphones with other imprinted logo when you have the opportunity to make that logo to be replaced by yours? Mostly, Web & App Developers and also writers need concentration, their job requires full focus when working, give them bass headphones imprinted with your company logo to produce best quality of work.

Dye-Sublimated Lanyard

Don’t let your company to be out-dated, a logo promotional lanyard for company ID is one of the must-have imprinted office products every employee should have; to keep them more organize all the time.

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