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Of Cheers and Beers: 5 Must-Have Items for Oktoberfest | QualityImprint

Posted by Juliana Grace on

Written by: Judith Cayabyab


Oktoberfest is considered the largest annual beer festival in the world. – days filled with authentic German beer, music, food, more beer, live performances, games and amusement, parades, and, yes, even more beer! It’s originally held in Munich, Germany from the third weekend of September through the first Sunday of October, attracting a huge crowd of locals as well as tourists to the fairgrounds of Theresienwiese.  The festivities have spread outside of Germany mainly by German immigrants or people with German descent.  The largest such event in the United States is Oktoberfest-Zinzinnati in Ohio, which boasts half a million visitors each year.


The Oktoberfest tradition dates back to the celebration of the marriage between Crown Prince Ludwig, later King Ludwig I, and Princess Teresa of Sassonia-Hildburghausen on the 12th of October in 1810.  The citizens of Bavaria were invited to join in the feast, which included horse races, food, and music.  They decided to repeat such celebration the following year, hence the birth of the Oktoberfest tradition.  The tapping of the beer barrel, with the mayor of Munich announcing “O’zapft is,” or “it is tapped!”, was first done in 1950 and became the traditional opening ceremony for Oktoberfest since then.  In 1960, the horse races were ended and Oktoberfest became the huge beer festival that we know today.


The celebration of Oktoberfest in the USA features everything Bavarian:  German beers imported all the way from Germany or locally brewed following traditional recipes for making Oktoberfest beer, authentic German food to wash down with beer, and “oompah” live bands.  Some even adopted traditional ceremonies like the tapping of the keg or incorporated a local touch to the festival – the Chicken Dance, brat-eating contests, beer-drinking contests, beauty pageants, and beer stein races, among a few.


Those who join the festival will naturally want to have something from it as a remembrance – something they have used while having one of the best days of their lives; something that is uniquely Oktoberfest.  QualityImprint has lined up 5 item must-haves for Oktoberfest celebrations - let’s see what’s on the list!


  1. Imprinted Beer Mugs

PersonalizedIn Oktoberfest celebrations, beer is served in one-liter mugs called Maß but no one is allowed to take home a Maß as a souvenir.  Why not get yourself the next best thing, like a commemorative 20 oz ceramic beer stein?  Its glossy white surface provides the perfect background for any Oktoberfest logo, and its classic design makes it functional as well as worthy for display.  Its 20 oz capacity Drinkware is also perfect for those who want to go easy on the beer – a beer corpse is the last thing you would want to turn to during or even after Oktoberfest!


  1. Promotional T-shirts

ImprintedIt sure is fun to join the Oktoberfest in traditional lederhosen and dirndls, but you can’t really wear them another day just to show people you’ve been to a fantastic Oktoberfest, can you?  So go for something comfy and versatile, like a customized Bella + Canvas Unisex Poly-Cotton Short-Sleeve T-Shirt.  You don’t even have to worry if the t-shirt fits, since it comes in unisex sizing!  While this custom t-shirt is excellent to wear during (or after) the parade or as staff uniform, it makes for a nice event merchandize too!  It’s also quite handy just in case you or someone else accidentally spilled something on you – you can change into another outfit without getting out of place!  Talk about Apparel that can literally ease you out of a messy situation.


  1. Custom Can Holders

Custom Slap N Wrap Neoprene Beverage Insulator / Holder…That can snugly wrap around beverage bottles as well, like the Slap ‘n’ Wrap Neoprene beverage insulator and holder!  They’re really handy for those who want to enjoy some of the local beers – canned or bottled.  These customized koozies keep your hands clean and dry so you need not worry about shaking hands with a friend you bumped into or with someone you just met.  These can holders can also be laid flat so they’re really easy to take away after the festival.  They’re reusable too – own it for the entire festival and after that if you want.


  1. Personalized Bottle Openers

Promotional Aluminum Bottle Opener KeyringPop bottles open instead of tapping kegs!  For a more functional item, try taking one of these logoed aluminum bottle opener key rings and secure those little items like keys – you know they’re one of the many items that often get lost amidst all the merrymaking that is Oktoberfest.  The best part is that you can still use this personalized bottle opener key ring long after the Oktoberfest, and probably very often, that it becomes a constant reminder of the good old times. 


  1. Logoed Stadium Cups

Imprinted Mood Stadium CupOktoberfest may be all about beer and everything German, but there are kids and teens in the festival that needs to be attended to as well!  There are other non-alcoholic drinks served during Oktoberfest to cater to the young ones who came with their families to join in the celebration, and reusable cups like logoed Mood stadium cups are essential.  This color-changing cup can easily become anyone’s favorite!  With its 17 oz capacity, youngsters need not worry about being left out of all the shenanigans of Oktoberfest.  Then take it home as a souvenir: you can use it as a drinking cup, or a pen holder, or a vase – all it takes is a little creativity and imagination. 


So why not head towards our website and check out these items and see other fun, amazing stuff to celebrate Oktoberfest with?  We guarantee satisfaction and quality service like no other.





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