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Go Pink and Mean It! | QualityImprint

Posted by Juliana Grace on

Written by: Judith Cayabyab

Putting More Meaning in Breast Cancer Awareness Campaigns


You know it’s October when almost everything literally turns pink – a color that has become an icon for Breast Cancer Awareness.  It’s that time of the year when events are held here and there to promote breast cancer awareness and raise funds for research as well as treatment. 

The fact that breast cancer is considered the most common type of cancer among women prompted certain individuals, who witnessed loved ones lose their fight against breast cancer, as well as organizations to launch activities that promote awareness and generate funds for research and treatment.  In 1985, the first organized event centered on increasing breast cancer awareness was created.  Activist Charlotte Haley began sending cards with looped peach ribbons to the National Cancer Institute in the early 1990s, asking for an increase in budget allocation for cancer prevention.  Evelyn Lauder was the first to use the pink looped ribbon as a symbol of breast cancer awareness in 1992, and began placing these symbols on Estée Lauder products.  The use of pink for breast cancer awareness was also attributed to Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, when it handed out pink visors to cancer survivors and participants of their Race for the Cure.  Breast cancer awareness campaigns have become an annual event since then, most of them centered on increasing awareness, educating people about prevention, detection, and treatment, and raising funds for breast cancer research.

Many companies take Breast Cancer Awareness month as an opportunity to bring attention and exposure to their brand, products and services while supporting a worthy cause.  Breast cancer awareness activities such as community events: walks, runs, auctions, concerts, and other charity events, as well as conferences and meetings of local and international cancer organizations, are all perfect venues for company sponsorship.  Funds collected from these events are usually used for breast cancer research. 

Companies can also use Breast Cancer Awareness month to boost their sales by selling or giving away promotional merchandise in pink or bearing the pink ribbon symbol.  Hence, we see a lot of pink merchandise in the market.  It sure does a lot when it comes to branding exposure, but the more important part is the support that certain item gains for the cause.  While some of the profits earned from these promotional items go to organizations as financial support, the items themselves should also represent the cause they are advertising.

Bella + Canvas Unisex Jersey Short-Sleeve T-Shirt in Soft PinkPerhaps one of the most effective ways to raise awareness is to wear pink t-shirts or give them away so others may wear them too.  Unisex t-shirts, such as the Bella + Canvas Unisex Jersey Short-Sleeve T-Shirt, are perfect for this purpose.  This lightweight cotton/poly t-shirt is available in soft pink; you may also choose other colors that can go perfectly with the pink ribbon logo.

Personalized Square Magnet (0.020 Mil)QualityImprint also recommends using custom square magnets as a “Save the Date” reminder or invitation for an event.  This white magnet can be imprinted with the event details in pink background or a pink ribbon logo with a custom message.  These magnets are sure to find its rightful place on fridge doors or bulletin boards to hold those important reminders especially for breast cancer patients, relatives, and even caregivers, all the while raising more awareness to the realities of breast cancer.

Custom 12 oz. cotton duck medium snap tote bag in Natural-PinkEnvironment-friendly tote bags are also excellent for promoting this cause, and QualityImprint’s custom 12 oz. cotton duck medium snap tote bag perfectly fits this requirement.  This tote is so versatile that it can be carried and used anywhere – hence getting exposure for the campaign to fight breast cancer and gaining more support.  Helping the environment by reducing the use of plastic bags is an added bonus too.

Fundraising activities call for quality fundraising items, and QualityImprint lines up three items that can go perfectly with the pink ribbon and deliver symbolic messages for the cause:  personalized tumblers, planters, and adult coloring books. 

Logoed Porcelain Tumbler (14 oz) in PinkPersonalized tumblers such as the logoed porcelain tumbler with pink leatherette sleeve are excellent fundraising items, since a healthy lifestyle involves plenty of water and fluids.  This tumbler is made of ceramic – no need to worry about cancer-causing ingredients in plastic drinkware.  Its high perceived value and classy, attractive appearance makes this tumbler worth it too! 

Logoed Mini Bamboo Blossom Kit in Breast Cancer Awareness packaging themePlanters are quite symbolic as far as the fight against breast cancer is concerned.  The Mini Bamboo blossom kit in Breast Cancer Awareness packaging theme not only raises funds for the cause, but literally lives for health as well as beauty.  One can choose between flowering plants or herbs from available seed packet options.  Transplanting can be done with the organic pot on.

Imprinted Bollywood Coloring BookAdult coloring books are popular for their potential to reduce stress and anxiety – emotions that most breast cancer patients struggle with.  The Bollywood Coloring Book with pink softcover is an excellent representation of such struggle, and is therefore perfect for raising awareness and funds for the cause. Coloring within the lines and choosing colors can bring back some control over things, another thing patients yearn to gain.

QualityImprint takes the fight against breast cancer seriously.  We do this by providing quality promotional products that effectively promote breast cancer awareness, satisfy donors, and deliver symbolic but clear messages. 



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