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Giveaways on Memorial Day

Posted by Juliana Grace on

“Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.” These words of the former president of the United States of America, John F. Kennedy, remind each and every nation, especially the U.S.A., to commemorate and remember the fallen heroes and heroines for their countless sacrifices made for the greater glory of their country, and to give back in the simplest of ways.

Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is observed and celebrated in the land of the Star Spangled Banner. It is a solemn three-day holiday in honor of the men and women who have lost their lives while serving the U.S. Military during the Civil War. It was declared by General John A. Logan that Decoration Day is meant for decorating the graves of the comrades that fought in the rebellion with flowers, thus the name of the now known as Memorial Day, though traditions evolved over the years, states across the country celebrate by hosting parades, visiting cemeteries, and gathering with friends and family.
QualityImprint products may be of great service to these events, uniting everyone ever more. Since Memorial Day is known for parades and parties, QualityImprint can supply giveaways for the celebrations. The clients hosting these events may even imprint the logo of their brand for further marketing.
Gatherings like these are not complete without home-cooked meals for everyone to indulge. Preparing food is one way to tick the interest of people in going to these events. QualityImprint offers promotional imprinted aprons that can be used while cooking for a large group of people, for a price as low as $9.45 (minimum quantity of 24+ pieces). These medium and full length aprons come in different colors such as blue, red, and white, all appropriate colors to wear for the celebration of Memorial Day. Attending and hosting lively and festive parades is a tradition during Memorial Day.
Usually held outdoors, wearing a visor or a cap may be of much help for protecting the skin and eyes from the harsh sunlight. Clients may order these promotional printed visors in bulk as giveaways and for themselves from QualityImprint. These also come in different colors such as blue, red, white, and black that will blend with and complement the parades’ vibrant and striking colors for as low as $4.90 (minimum quantity of 72+ pieces).
Memorial Day is also a time for reflection. It is a day to remember the
battles and the people that fought in them; how they patronized their country
and offered their lives for America’s bright future.

Perfect for a day of contemplation, QualityImprint’s adhesive 50-sheet notepad may be used to jot down ideas and thoughts about current and past events. This imprinted promotional notepad is also in the shape of the U.S.A.’s vast geographical land with the flag as a simple design. This may be ordered for as low as $1.31 (minimum quantity of 500+ Memorial Day is much awaited and marked on the calendars of American citizens and residents. These QualityImprint products advocate the celebration to a whole new level, not only making use of these items as a part of everyday lifestyles, but also as a way to promote your brand to your targeted audience.


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