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Promotional Hand Sanitizers | Convenience in a PET Bottle

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 By Sabine J. Cariño

Whether in need of a quick, cool, and moisturizing feeling on the hands or an on-the-go germ removal, keeping hand sanitizers nearby is a convenient and practical way to stay clean and fresh anytime and anywhere. Keeping our hands clean is definitely a daily necessity. Being exposed to various kinds of infectious diseases caused by bacteria and different impurities around us, it is mainly for hygienic and health purposes.

Hand sanitizers are commonly known as a liquid substance designed to kill bacteria. It can be found and used anywhere; as a typical household essential, in public restrooms, hospitals, among others. It may also be found inside anyone’s handbag or a first aid kit making it handy.

According to researchers, the sales of hand-care products are expected to rise by 4% a year through 2020. Hand sanitizers in particular have a growth rate of 5% annually as its convenience and practicality is hard to resist. This especially applies during times when hand soap and water is not readily available.

And what better way to take advantage of this accessible tool than to bring a portable bottle of hand sanitizer in your pocket everywhere you go? Thanks to QualityImprint, not only can this be availed, but also personalized! You can print your own logo onto the product, allowing the hand sanitizer to be personalized in your preferred design. This may be ordered in quantities, perfect for promotional events to help market your brand or to simply distribute as a giveaway for media and marketing events, tradeshows, press conferences, baby showers, birthdays, weddings, and the like.

Spray Hand Sanitizer

What’s more, QualityImprint’s number one priority is its overall quality. Contained in a flip-top squeeze bottle, it is likewise compact, safe, and at the same time a merchandise tool that can add a great twist to your brand.

QualityImprint does not only offer flip-top squeeze bottles, but also a 10mL spray, perfect for those who prefer a less sticky and moist feel on their hands. Included in this package are multicolored caps to match with your personalized design. Hand Sanitzers

But QualityImprint does not stop there. These hand sanitizer bottles may also be inclusive of silicone covers with a handy strap to place around your bag handles, zippers, and the like, all for your preferred lifestyle that can benefit you.

QualityImprint’s hand sanitizer does not only provide convenience, uniqueness, and quality, but also health and wellness. It readily advocates the simple act of taking care of one’s body while importantly raising awareness of everyone’s daily exposure to a world that can be harmful. Whilst promoting health, QualityImprint allows you to practice personal style, creativity, and charitableness to add a little enthusiasm to change the way you think about hand sanitizers.

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