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National Grilling Month

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How To Grill the Healthy Way During National Grilling Month

People just cannot get enough of grilled food. Whether it’s hamburger, steak, or fish, grilling is something that people really love doing. As we celebrate National Grilling Month, every home will surely grill away. Here are some interesting statistics about grilling:

  • 63% of the US population grills monthly
  • 62% of Americans own an outdoor grill, 63% gas grill, and 51% charcoal grill
  • The top four grilled foods are hamburgers, steak, hotdog, and chicken
  • The 4th of July is the largest grilling holiday, followed by Memorial Day and Labor Day
  • Barbecues have been a White House tradition since the time of Thomas Jefferson

Here are 5 tips to make your grilling barbecue or steak healthier.


Hamburgers are the most popular food to grill at 87% but you should put variety in the food you will grill. Try lean meat for a change. When looking for lean meat to buy, look for the 93/7 mark on the package. This means that there is only 7 percent fat. The leaner the meat, the healthier it is.


Veggies are a must have for every meal. When grilling, add few peppers or zucchini to the grill. Grilled sweet corn and vegetable kabob are excellent side dishes. Another top favorite by most people is a spinach salad with light vinaigrette.


Doctors reveal that using charcoal for grilling can expose you and your food to carcinogenic chemicals. If you can, use a gas grill instead. It is not only cleaner but also lessens the risk of cancer.


Marinating your meat before grilling will not only improve the taste of your steak or pork chop but will also improve your health. Cooking meat at high temperatures or over charcoal increases the risk of cancer as carcinogenic chemicals may seep into the meat. On the other hand, marinating the meat first before grilling is healthier as it eliminates cancer-causing chemicals by up to 99%.


If burgers and steaks are your favorite grilling options, you can always do a research for some healthy alternatives. You will be surprised to know that there are creative and surprising recipes for grilling. You can try to grill pizza for a change. Grab some whole-wheat dough at the grocery store, turn the grill to high, and add some sauce and veggies and voila you have grilled pizza.


To ensure a fun and memorable celebration of National Grilling Month, here are some custom promotional products that you can consider adding to your grilling essential:

BBQ Tool Sets. Any day is a good day to grill with this BBQ tool sets with logo. Just because it got the name bbq on it does not mean you cannot use it to grill other foods. You can also use it for steak or meat. This BBQ tool set is great for pool parties or for outdoor picnic.

Carving Sets. For steak and other meats, you would want to make sure that they taste good inside as well. Carving sets with logo can help ensure that your steak or chicken will be good to the last bite.

Imprinted promotional products are great for spicing up your celebration of National Grilling Month. They are not only great giveaways for homeowners but also for companies. After all, what would company outings be without barbecue and grilled foods? At QualityImprint, we can make your National Grilling Month more memorable with our offerings of promotional products. Call us at 888-377-9339 and we will make your barbecue parties an event you cannot forget.

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