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Family Reunion Month

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Creative Ideas For Celebrating Family Reunion Month

Family reunions are only held once a year. With July slated as Family Reunion Month, this is the perfect time to hold a reunion of your own. Gatherings like this provide families the opportunity to catch up and bond with each other. This article will provide you with excellent ideas for organizing your next family reunion.


Families do not always stick together. When the kids already have their own families, they leace their parents and live their own life with their own family. Family reunions offer the perfect time to re-connect with their parents and siblings. Family reunions are important for the following reasons:

  • Increases family interactions
  • Build family unity
  • Make family connections
  • Foster intergenerational relationships
  • Create family memories


Here now are some ideas you can consider for your next reunion:

Family Reunion Forecast. If your reunion will run for more than a day, this activity should be done on the first day where the families “meet and greet.” This can be done as the welcome address, after or in conjunction with it. It can serve as a bulletin of activities and events for the whole reunion.

Family Reunion Song.  When it comes to creating the song, you can compose a unique song specific to your family or just adopt the tune of a well-known song and change the lyrics.  If each family is seated on a table, you can have them stand up as to sing the song. Make it a competition to inject more fun and award a gift to the winning family.

Family Pledge. Create a Family Pledge for your family. If you have a family reunion journal, you can include the Family Pledge.  

Family Creed or Mission Statement. Come up with a Family Creed or Family Mission Statement. It will create a sense of team and vision for your family. The Mission Statement can define what your family is about as well as the vision you have for your family. If a mission statement is vital to the success of a company, a mission statement is as important for a family.

Message Book. A message book is like a booklet where family members write their thoughts, well wishes, regards regarding their family or the reunion itself. If your reunion will go for several days, you can divide the book into sections or have a different topic for each day.


To spice up your family reunion, you can consider handing out imprinted promotional products. There are many giveaway products you can consider for Family Reunion Month. Here are some excellent giveaway items you can for your reunion:

Stickers with Logo. This is a giveaway item that will literally stick. You can stick it in your car, family room, and others. Stickers can be a powerful reminder of how closely knit your family is. It will help you to always stay connected with your family.

BBQ Tool Sets with Logo.  Family reunions will never be complete without barbecue. This BBQ set is the perfect tool for preparing a delicious barbecue for your upcoming reunion. Whether in the backyard, outdoors, or in  the beach, family reunions will be best remembered for having the best barbecue.

Cooler Bags with Logo. If your upcoming reunion will be held in a beach or outdoors, cooler bags with logo are the perfect companion. They can keep your beverages and food fresh for as long as possible.

Family reunions offer the opportunity to relive family memories and renre relationships. Custom promotional products can help your event become memorable in commemoration with Family Reunion Month.

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